Group at NerdHaven in April 2024

Legen-dairy Fun – NerdHaven Recap

Hay there Belles!

Group at NerdHaven - April 2024

Last week we gathered at NerdHaven for a rollicking good time amidst the flashing lights and clanging bells of pinball! Our herd numbers 11 strong with a special shoutout to our fresh-faced newbie who joined in on the action! Plus, a round of applause for Ann, who made the trek all the way from Minnesota to flip with us!

🏆 Winners’ Circle 🏆

Top three places

Despite our smaller flock this month, the competition was as fierce as a fox in a henhouse! We battled it out over six rounds, vying for the coveted farm trophies. After a barnstorming final set on Foo Fighters, Sharkey emerged victorious despite the recovering arm, nabbing first choice of trophy. Meghan and Jacque followed close behind, rounding out our podium of pinball champions!

Let’s not forget our evening’s additional winners: Aimee, Nichole, and Ann, who walked away with NerdHaven gift cards to fuel their next pinball adventures! Bravo, Belles, for keeping the spirit of competition alive and well!

More winners

Sorry we missed you Aimee!

Farm Trophies for April 2024


The Belles & Chimes Madison Planning Team

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