Valentine’s Recap ❤️

Greetings Belles!

The evening was filled with love and excitement as we gathered for a night of friendly competition. Nichole brought along some aptly themed APES (not monkeys!) as prizes, adding to the Valentine’s Day spirit. Tiffany also contributed to the prize pool by generously providing roses for the top three winners, along with some delicious chocolates from CocoVaa to be part of the prize table. It was wonderful to see so many people embracing the Valentine’s Day theme, with participants sporting pink dresses, heart sweaters, heart antennae, and even pink wigs! 

🏆 Winners’ Circle 🏆

We kicked off the night with four rounds of intense pinball action, followed by a thrilling final round where the top four competitors – Mary, Sara, Tiffany, and Nichole – battled it out on Foo Fighters, Godzilla, and 007 LE. The competition was fierce with each player giving it all. We even had to have a tiebreaker round for 2nd place on Venom! At the end Mary emerged victorious overall, securing the top spot. Tiffany claimed second place, and Sara took third. 

Congrats Belles!

🗓 Save the Date! 🗓

Our next meet up will be at I/O Arcade Bar on Mar 13, 2024. There will be extra goodies as this is a Jaws launch party! 

You can find other pinball events in the Madison area by subscribing to our Google Calendar or visiting our new website.


You might have noticed that our final round was different from what we have done in the past. For the top four players, they played 3 additional games to determine the final winner. This will help make our tournament have more points for those that are interested in ranking higher in the International Flipper Association.

With that being said, going forward we will no longer be playing Extra Balls. This will allow us to play one more machine per tournament better contributing to these IFPA scores. 

🎉 Pinball News 🎉

The PAPA21 World Pinball Championships registration is open! This tournament serves as a charity memorial event for Suicide Awareness, honoring the memory of Lyman F. Sheats, Jr., who contributed to the development of beloved pinball machines such as Attack From Mars, Medieval Madness, and Monster Bash, among others. Hosted at the Enterrium in Schaumburg, Illinois, from September 5th to 8th, 2024, this event welcomes participants of all skill levels. Find more information on this wonderful event here.

Keep those flippers flipping and the silver balls rolling! 🌟


The Belles & Chimes Madison Planning Team

PS.  We have more Belles and Chimes yearly flyers printed up.  Let us know if you would like to display one!

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