Aftershock Arcade Recap

What a great turnout at Aftershock Arcade for our first event of 2024! We had at least 11 Belles show up including new faces and returning faces! We thank Aftershock staff for the warm welcome and hospitality throughout the night and everyone who came out to have some pinball fun.

πŸ† Winners of the Night πŸ†

It might have just been a casual meet up, but we still spiced it up with a little competition on Godzilla and Phantom of the Opera thanks to Aftershock. Each player had three chances to get their highest score on each machine. At the end Mary topped the Godzilla scoreboard while Allison grabbed Phantom of the Opera at the very end! Both individuals chose to get the button up shirt which you can see Allison sporting in the photo above. 

πŸ—“ Save the Date! πŸ—“

Our next meet up will be at Blue Moon Bar & Grill on Feb 14, 2024.

πŸŽ‰ Pinball News πŸŽ‰

Did you know there are three major pinball tournaments going on this month in Madison? There was the Madison Championship (1/13), IFPA State Championship (1/20), and the IFPA Women’s State Championship (1/21). Some of our own Belles are even in some of these championships! Congrats on getting this far Mary, Sara, Donelle, Katie B, and Dori and good luck on your upcoming games.

See ya next month! Here’s to happy flipping and spreading the pinball joy! 🌟


The Belles & Chimes Madison Planning Team

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